What is Secure-A-Key

image (2)What is Secure-A-Key you may ask. Secure-A-Key is a company and Emergency Program founded and run by career firefighters, who after years of experience and thousands of 911 calls have seen a tremendous need for senior citizens and disabled individuals to have a lockbox installed on their home.

Countless times victims have fallen and can't get to the door, which forces the EMS providers to make forcible entry and break into the home, often causing several hundred dollars worth of damage, not to mention the precious time wasted forcing entry, time that could be spent giving patient care. A lockbox program installed by Secure-A-Key resolves this problem that so many people deal with during their lives.

Secure-A-Key is a firefighter/paramedic owned program that enables emergency personnel to gain faster access into your home in case of an emergency without damaging your property. We install a lockbox containing your key and an emergency contact information card. We then link a key code to your address with 911 dispatch.

If you call 911, or someone else calls for you, and you are unable to get to the door, emergency personnel will have quick access to get inside without damaging your property by forcible entry through a door or window. Lockbox programs work by emergency responders using a key code to gain quick access to the lockbox. Lockboxes can be installed on brick, wood and siding.

Don't take a chance with your or your loved ones' life, get peace of mind, get Secure-A-Key, and put your key into the hands of a fireman/paramedic.

Channel 2 in Dayton, Ohio followed Secure-A-Key on an install, check out the video below.

Product and Service

Here’s what we provide for a low, one-time price.


  • A combination steel Lockbox with a weather guard that remains yours forever
  • Lockbox installation
  • An Emergency Contact Information Card attached to your key(see below)
  • Training on use of the lockbox
  • Carbon Monoxide Testing
  • A direct link to your address and lockbox code with 911 dispatch
  • A Home Safety Inspection; with smoke detector & carbon monoxide inspections.( $199.00 Value)
  • But most important of all……..Peace of Mind

Your emergency contact card will provide emergency contact information, medical information, doctor’s names, burglar alarm codes and pet information. The data is stored inside the lock box, so it can be retrieved at a moment’s notice.

The Price for the Secure-A-Key Program is 199.00.

The Home Safety Inspection is included with the Secure-A-Key Program, but it is also available for 199.00 per household.

Carbon Monoxide Testing

IMG_9908Carbon monoxide(CO) is an odorless, colorless gas that can kill you! Every year more than 400 people die, and over 20,000 people visit the Emergency Room for unintentional CO poisoning. Carbon Monoxide can build up indoors and poison people and pets who breath it.

Main culprits inside the home are fireplaces, gas stoves, water heaters, and furnaces. As part of our Secure-A-Key Home Safety Inspection, we will check the Carbon Monoxide levels in your home to ensure your home is free of CO. If CO levels are found in your home, we will notify the homeowner of what steps to take as far as safety and correcting the problem.

Smoke Detector Program

brk-9120b-smoke-detectorSecure-A-Key now offers a smoke detector program. Whenever we install a Secure-A-Key lock box system, we always ask the homeowners if they would like us to check their smoke detectors at no cost to ensure that they are up to date and are working.

We have been alarmed at the amount of senior citizens who are living in homes with non-working smoke detectors. Most smoke detectors carry a ten-year warranty, and after that, a lot of them break down and stop working.

Even hard-wired detectors break down after years of being in place. The light on them may show that they have electricity to them, but the actual speaker alarm itself often doesn't work, therefore making the detector useless.

If your detectors are found to be in non-working order, Secure-A-Key now carries a replacement, First Alert Brand smoke detectors that we will install for the homeowner for a small cost per detector.

A lot of seniors and disabled people are unable to check and maintain their smoke detectors. Using Secure-A-Key to check and replace faulty detectors could be the difference between life or death should a fire happen in your home. Please contact us if you would like more information on this program.

Price for Battery Powered Smoke Detector is $15.00 Installed

Price for Hardwired Smoke Detector is $25.00 Installed